Viola Joseph, London Legal Learning Leader
Hogan Lovells International LLP

“Stephen Hoare created an online writing module for Lovells’ staff. He brought a journalist’s flair to enlivening the session and fully grasped the aims and objectives of the project.”

Narda Shirley, Director
Gong Communications

“Stephen is calm and unflappable in the face of a multi-stakeholder project that requires great antennae and consideration for the various agendas in play as well as the ability to synthesize a huge amount of information into pithy but elegant prose.”

Stuart MacKenzie, Managing Director
Maynard Leigh

“Stephen helped create two very powerful publications for us. He drove the interviews to elicit meaningful and relevant source material and then shaped it into a compelling argument for publication. It is easy to collaborate with Stephen, and I trust him to come up with great copy, within deadline.”

Shai Bryant, Executive Development Manager, Association of Business Schools

“Stephen’s presentation on our popular Deans and Director’s Development Programme (2011), on dealing with the media. gave valuable new insights into ways in which business schools can promote their brand. I am very much looking forward to having Stephen back to speak for us again very soon.”