Schools and local authorities are facing the most far-reaching change since 1944 and the Butler Education Act. We are facing this challenge with limited budgets. The only way forward is investment in our people. We need leadership at every level.
Resource accountability
We can offer training in outcomes based accountability. When  your creative people are finding that somehow they can’t get things done, it’s usually the case that the processes the organisation uses are getting in the way. We can help you identify the problems in the processes and help your team get things done. This will save you money and improve your outcomes whether you are a school, a setting or a local authority team.
Distributed leadership
Your people are your biggest asset, and the resource that costs you the most. If you want creative people to do amazing things, get in touch with us. Distributed leadership is the answer: you need to lead from the front, but your heads of department or co-ordinators need to lead in their area too – and you need to be confident that that’s what they’re doing.