Sometimes, the most cost-effective way to get something done is to pay someone else to do it, freeing you up to do the work no-one else can do. At Linden Lea we will select the most appropriate professional partner from our network of associates to deliver your project on time and within budget. Our QA process ensures that your project is finished to the standard you specify.
What do we do?
We work in a range of educational environments, LAs, schools, colleges and early years settings.  We improve progress, learning and achievement.  We work with you to understand what you want and then design a programme to achieve your specific objectives. No two courses or events are ever the same because we tailor them to meet your specific requirements.
Past projects include:
Service review: at school, setting or LA level
  • Curriculum development
  • Team building programme
  • Improving the quality of teaching, learning and pedagogy
  • Increasing the quality of stakeholder involvement and governance
  • Supporting parental involvement and parenting
  • Bid preparation and cluster facilitation
  • Leadership development programme
  • Step-in leadership services