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Communication Counts!

Over the past few months I’ve been heavily involved in the gestation of a new charity, National Numeracy – The birth finally took place at the beginning of March – in a full (and very welcome) blaze of publicity. The story was covered in almost all the daily...

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MBAs and Talent Management

MBAs at the start of their job search need to be aware that whatever their chosen sector employers are looking for individuals who are a good fit. Self-awareness is therefore vital for any MBA student and business schools can help by incorporating self-assessment tools into careers modules. In the...

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Why Linden Lea?

Why have I called my company Linden Lea? Read the lyrics of William Barnes’ poem and listen to the Vaughan Williams’ setting. “With fruit for me, the apple tree Do lean down low in Linden Lea” I learnt the poem from my grandfather, who became a socialist after meeting C.R. Ashbee, a leading...

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Author interview

Extract from an interview with the publisher of Talent Management, February 2011 Where did the idea for the book come from? SH  When I travelled around Britain in early 2009 and spoke to HR directors. I was absolutely amazed at their optimism and resilience. Talent management was providing a clear...

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Risks, Rewards and Tomorrow’s Reality

These days the term “talent” is in danger of becoming a dirty word. In the City, bosses argue that talent (aka investment bankers) needs stratospheric bonuses to prevent it heading for the nearest tax haven. Premiership talent is measured in six figure weekly wage packets and lurid...

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