Linden Lea Partners

Alongside its network of associates, Linden Lea is constantly growing its list of preferred business partners. Recent additions include Nutshell Video, run by Julie Daniels, and Business Because, run by Kate Jillings and Maria Ahmed.
Nutshell Video
Nutshell Video is a London-based production company which provides a complete and innovative video production service for websites and training. Nutshell’s founder, Julie Daniels is skilled at producing concise, dynamic and entertaining stories in a short video.
Business Because
Business Because is a social networking website and online community used by over 12,000 MBA and masters’ students around the world. It contains blogs, business school news, job search and resume search. Linden Lea is a member.
Smithfield is a financial and corporate communications consultancy for the business media and investment communities. Specialising in investor relations and thought leadership, they work with large international companies as well as smaller companies and individuals. For  further information contact Alex Simmons, 0207 903 0669.